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Experience the Magic, Leave a Legacy: Support the Memo Arts Centre

The Memo Arts Centre, a vibrant hub for creativity and connection, welcomes everyone on their artistic journey. We champion inclusion, offer diverse programming, and nurture budding talent through our Get Creative initiative. With your help, we can continue enriching lives and ensure the Memo Arts Centre flourishes for generations to come.

Today can shape tomorrow

Writing a will can give you peace of mind, and make life easier for those you love. Your will can also define your legacy. You get a chance to shape the world you leave behind. Your legacy can start with a donation to Memo Arts Centre.

By choosing to leave a donation, no matter how large or small, you are helping to shape the impact of art for generations to come. You’re building new collections, empowering young creatives, and bringing arts and communities together.

Your support goes beyond helping an individual arts centre– it’s about championing art itself, from a child’s first steps on stage to seeing the bands you love live on stage.

Here’s how to ensure your legacy shines through the Memo Arts Centre:

Leaving a gift in your will is easier than you think. In just a few minutes, you can phone your solicitor and designate The Memo Arts Centre as a beneficiary, specifying either a percentage of your estate or a fixed amount.

Did you know you can phone your solicitor with our charity name and registered charity number and ask to leave 1% of your estate to us or a fixed amount? It can be done in less than a minute.

Charity Name: The Memo Arts Centre
Address: Gladstone Rd, Barry CF62 8NA
Registered Charity Number: 1155291

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