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Support the Memo

As a registered charity, we rely on project funding and vital support from our visitors, audiences and businesses. Without you, the breadth of work in our venue and impact on communities would not be possible.

62% of our income comes from our community visiting our venue, ticket sales, hires and donations.

As budgets are reduced and focus on statutory services, funding is not guaranteed for the future.  Like all non-profit charities, we need our support to continue to thrive and make wonderful things happen for our community in Barry and and the Vale.

There are many other ways you can support us to carry out our work.

You can help us continue to bring the best of cinema, live events and participation to the area by:

  • Visiting the bar and cafe before the film screenings and events
  • If you’ve had a good time here, spread the word and tell others about our film and live events
  • Join our E-List – postal mailings are expensive and use lots of paper
  • Taking a moment to fill out event feedback forms to help us improve our service
  • Giving us your time and help us as a volunteer
  • Sponsoring an event at the arts centre and benefit from some free publicity for your business. (New opportunities available, email for more info)

Donate now

You can also make a donation whilst buying tickets on our website. We don’t charge any booking fees when you book your tickets with us, by leaving a voluntary donation your vital contribution will help us continue providing high quality cinema and live events in our local community.


Did you know that every penny earned at the Memo goes back into the organisation, by maintaining and improving our facilities, services with our customer’s experience and enjoyment at the centre of all we do.

If you’re able to play a part in our development and projects by giving whatever support you feel you can: no matter how small, we can assure you that every donation will make a difference.

Donate to us at no cost to you

We realise that times are hard, but Easyfundraising is a completely free way to donate to the Memo. Click on Shop now and raise and many retailers will make a small donation to us while you’re shopping online.

With your continued support, we’re working hard to ensure the Memo will still be here for future generations to enjoy.

Thank you for your support!

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