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The Royal British Legion: Remembrance Service


The Royal British Legion, Barry invite you join them for a Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph followed by a Service in the Memo Arts Centre, on Sunday 12 November.


Please note: Gladstone Road, from the roundabout on Broad Street to the roundabout on Buttrills Road, will be closed between 09:30am and 11:30am in order to enable the public to gather at the Cenotaph safely. The Memo car park will be closed in order for parade groups to muster. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.


External Event Schedule – Service at the Cenotaph

10:15am Veterans, youth groups and parade groups to arrive on foot in the Memo car park to muster. You will be directed by Parade Marshals into the parade order.

10:35am Parade will make the way to the Cenotaph, after a parade in the Cark Park, joined by 372 Sqdn Air Cadets Band. The Salute will be taken by Deputy Lieutenant Colin Jones.

10:57am Cenotaph Service will start

11:00am Two minute silence 

11:02am Parade stands at ease

11:05am Placing of the Wreaths and crosses

11:15am All public are invited to enter the Memo Arts Centre to be seated for the Remembrance Service: Our Young People – The Future of Remembrance


Internal Event Schedule

11:30am Remembrance Service: Our Young People -The Future of Remembrance

Veterans procession into the Auditorium

Audience to stand to welcome the Standards led by the young Standards and the Light of Remembrance 

During the service, led by Fr Chris Seaton SSC, there will be readings alongside performances from Barry Brass Band and The MemoPhonics Choir.



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