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Prove your age at the Memo with a digital ID

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Prove your age at Memo Arts Centre with a digital ID

A digital ID is a safe way to prove your age using your phone – online and in person. It takes just minutes to create with just an ID document and photo, and then you’re set up for life. Your details are encrypted in your app and only you can see them.

Digital ID is now accepted at cinemas, Post Office branches and 12,000 convenience stores across the UK.

How to set up your digital ID

To avoid disappointment, you must set up your digital ID before visiting the cinema.

  1. Download the Yoti or Post Office EasyID app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store
  2. Register on the app following the instructions on screen
  3. Add your government-approved ID document. Yoti accepts passports, driving licenses and national ID cards from 185+ countries
  4. Add a photo. This will be the photo displayed on your digital ID
  5. Once your identity document has been verified your digital ID is ready to use (this could take a few minutes)

How to use your digital ID to prove your age at the cinema

  1. Open your digital ID app
  2. Tap on the ID Card button
  3. Select to show ‘Age’
  4. Present card to the staff member
  5. If the staff member wants to check your digital ID by scanning the QR code, tap the QR code button to show the QR code for them to scan

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