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The Children Act (12A)

The Children Act (12A)

The Children Act tells the story of a High Court judge in London who’s asked to rule on the case of a young boy named Adam, suffering from cancer, whose Jehovah’s Witness parents won’t allow a blood transfusion as it is against their religious beliefs.

It’s a simple medical procedure, and it could save his life. As Adam is three months away from his eighteenth birthday and still legally a child, the judge can overide the parents wishes if it is what’s best for him. Should the judge force him to live?

Based on the novel by Ian McEwan, ‘The Children Act’ stars Emma Thompson, Fionn Whitehead and Stanley Tucci.


Advance Tickets: £6 full, £4 concession, £3 U16’s

Tickets Purchased on the Door: £6.50 full, £4.50 concession, £3.50 U16’s

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