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Bowie Live

BL23 CAROUSEL 1130×500 V3
Bowie Live

Bowie Live’s unrivalled portrayal of David Bowie’s music and live performance will transport you back through space and time from 1976 to 2004, to the Bowie shows we dreamed of seeing.

This celebration of Bowie’s music and performance is illuminated by a backdrop of intense visuals all drawn from Bowie’s rich body of work from Space Oddity to Lazarus.

With incendiary and stunningly accurate live performances of David Bowie’s greatest records, join us on this imaginary trip – just for one day.

“We look forward to performing this amazing show to Bowie fans and the ‘Bowie-curious’ around the world as we come together to remember, and celebrate Bowie’s life, unique talent, and the monumental gift of his music”.

Tickets: £33.50

Saturday 1 Feb 2025

Box Office:
01446 738622

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